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Quanzhou TORCH Electronic Co., Ltd.
Address: #4 Zihua Road, Jiangnan Yuan, High and New Tech Zone, Quanzhou
Tel: 0595-22468888 22485280
Fax: 0595-22485281 22466006

Quanzhou TORCH Electronic Co., Ltd.-Beijing branch
Address: 2202, Tower 5, Building 1, Jiayuan, Diaoyutai West, Balizhuang West, Haidian District, Beijing
Tel: 010-68797978
Fax: 010-68797977

Quanzhou TORCH Electronic Co., Ltd.-Xi’an branch
Address: 1505, Tower A, Haixing City Plaza, #37 Keji Road, Xi’an
Tel: 029-88348015
Fax: 029-88348013

Xiamen LETDO Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address: 2#2F Jinshan Fortune Square, #2362, Fangzhong Road, Huli District, Xiamen
Tel: 0592-5799222
Fax: 0592-5799228

Xiamen LETDO-Quanzhou branch
Address: #4 Zihua Road, High and New Tech Zone (Jiangnan Park), Quanzhou
Tel: 0595-22350220
Fax: 0595-22350221

Xiamen LETDO-Shenzhen Branch
Address: #2 Plant, Zone A, 3/F, B4, Huafeng industrial district, Hengkeng Industrial Park, Guantian, Beihuan Road, Shiyan Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755-83183999
Fax: 0755-83733958

Xiamen LETDO-Chengdu office
Address: 1518, Superstructure building , Tower A, #426 Shuhan Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu
Tel: 028-86798109
Fax: 028-86798109

TORCH International Limited
Address: A&B, 19/F, Wongtee Plaza, #55 Jingye Street, Kowloon Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Tel: 00852-35201536
Fax: 00852-35201535

Suzhou LETDO Electronics Co., Ltd
Address: 1116-1118, Century Finance Building, 1# Suzhou Street West, Suzhou Industrial Park
Tel: 0512-67620392
Fax: 0512-67623235

Suzhou LETDO-Beijing branch
Address: 2202, Tower 5, Building 1, Jiayuan, Diaoyutai West, Balizhuang West, Haidian District, Beijing
Tel: 010-68797196
Fax: 010-68797196

Suzhou LETDO-Shanghai branch
Address: 1402, Nanlou, #988, Dingxi Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-52398137
Fax: 021-52398138

Suzhou LETDO-Hangzhou office
Address: 2705, Block 7, Tian Hong Jun Yi, Dong Xin Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou.
Tel: 0571-87162273

Suzhou LETDO-Nanjing office
Address: 512, Block 5, Xianfeng Qingnian Apartment, #123-1, Yuhua West Road, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing
Tel: 025-52360955

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LETDO Electronics is an industry leading enterprise with an excellent marketing team. Our emphasis on forward thinking has attracted outstanding talents in the industry, help them develop and bring their potential into full play so as to provide our customer with the best service.
This is your opportunity to make a difference in an environment full of life and believe in credit. Join LETDO Electronics to turn our opportunity into your advantages.